Have fun. Be careful. Stupid golf course.
Do you remember what it was like before you see what you see now? What can be learned from understanding that we don't always understand what is happening?
What is the skillful and appropriate thing to do when we don't get what we want? If there is no universal answer, how is there any way of preparing oneself for life's inevitable disappointments and frustrations of desires?
How might Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back teach us in any way about freewill, intentionality, and goal-setting? Do the apparently deep subtexts of certain scenes contain anything other than vaguely humanist platitudes?
Are we patient enough with the sometimes very different preferences others have in matters of culture such as politics, religion, and art? If not, how can we improve our compassionate selves so as to be more accepting of such diversity?
I was a student of the late, great David Foster Wallace in college. It was an experience I hope I never forget, and over the years I wonder if I have both continued to learn from his teachings at the same time that I slowly realized how much he and I always apparently had in common.